Top 10 Next Gen Market Research Posts of 2017

Top Market Research Posts of the Year

Happy New Year fellow market researchers!  2017 was an interesting year and in case you missed it last week I joined several other researcher colleagues in hypothesizing about what 2018 has in store

If you are interested n blogging on market research and have an idea for a guest post in 2018 feel free to contact us. Today I’m sharing the Top 10 most read posts of the year:

10. In 10th place this year we have a tie between two posts

What Next Gen Market Researchers Share with Motorcycle Gangs


Free Case Studies From The 50 Most Innovative Firms in Marketing Research

9. Misconceptions about Text Analytics Persist: What You Need to Know

8. Sentiment Analysis or Text Analysis?

7. MeToo In Market Research

6. 2017 NGMR Research Industry Survey Results

5. Looking at the Latest GRIT Report, “Fast” Means Innovative

4. NGMR Relaunch Post

3. Howard Moskowitz – I’d Like to Teach the World to Think

2. 2017 NGMR Award Winners

1. Why the Distinction Between Quant and Qual is Obsolete

Thank you So much for reading and for sharing your thoughtful comments here on the blog and in the NGMR LinkedIn group.


PS. For those of you interested I’ve also posted a list of the Top 10 ‘Text Analytics Tips’ posts for 2017 over on the OdinText blog.

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