Hello World

“Hello World”, was the default suggested entry for the first post on WordPress application. It is of course also the term used for the first program one usually writes when learning a new programming language and dates back to the first book written on “The C Programming Language” in 1978; thinking back it my have been the name of the first program I wrote in Fortran when entering college as a future engineer. But I soon learned I wanted something more creative than engineering. Interestingly, today I’m not feeling too creative, so I guess it sounds appropriate enough and I’ll keep it.

Unlike in other areas of the web I definitely would not call myself an innovator in terms of blogging (either reading or writing). Perhaps early adaptor or even early majority would be slightly more appropriate. The truth is I’ve resisted both reading and writing blogs partly due to time constraints and partly due to the fact that I believe the true power of web 2.0 doesn’t lie in the voice of a few elite bloggers, but rather the collective intelligence of consumer generated media. Therefore in the past I’ve much preferred discussion boards, amazon.com reviews, and even the Q&A section of LinkedIn, over the opinions of a few specific bloggers.

However, as most other tech savvy marketers I too am very interested in how new media especially Social Network Sites, but also blogs and other consumer generated media can be leveraged for marketing and marketing research including text mining aka “text analytics”. Therefore one of my pre-New Years resolutions is to gain a deeper understanding of a variety of web 2.0 applications I still haven’t fully explored, even blogging. And of course the best way to understand is by doing.

I’ve just started reading a few blogs. One of the first blogs I read and liked was Wendy Marx blog about personal branding on Fast Co.’s site. I also just started reading Guy Kawasaki’s blog; he had some interesting tips on using LinkedIn, an application I truly love. I also plan to get into Seth Godin’s blog as he is currently the #1 Guru for today’ marketers.

If you have any blogs you particularly like, I’d love to hear from you.

Tom H. C. Anderson

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