Greenbook IIEX Shop Talk: TA ext Analytics in Market Research chat with the Industry’s Top Pundit!

GreenBook Interview Covers Partnering, AI/Machine Learning and the Latest Insights Applications for Text Analytics

“We should be less worried about each other and more worried about the potential new entrants to this industry.”

That’s what I told GreenBook Blog Editor & Chief Leonard Murphy in an interview recently when he asked me about the trend toward partnering and collaboration between research providers.

It’s not often that one gets to talk shop at length with the industry’s top pundit, so Tim Lynch and I were delighted when Lenny invited us for a frank and broad-based discussion that covered some important ground, including:

  • Why partnering and collaboration among research companies is becoming a critically important factor in today’s marketplace;
  • What the buzz around AI and machine learning is really about and what researchers need to know;
  • How text analytics are being deployed in powerful and novel ways to produce insights that either were not accessible or couldn’t be obtained practically in the past.

Check out Lenny’s post about it here and have a look at the interview below:


Special thanks again to Lenny Murphy for a great interview and for your efforts to keep us all informed and to help us get better at what we do!

Want to know more about anything we covered in the interview? Contact OdinText here.


[Note: Tom H. C. Anderson is founder and CEO of]


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  1. This was an awesome interview with great information o what exactly is going in our research industry. Thanks for posting such an informative interview. Waiting to read more like this.

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