Advertising Age Article on Text Mining

Today an article on text analytics came out in Advertising Age. You can read the article here AdAge. The article covers text analytics in general and more specifically some of the work Anderson Analytics (OdinText) has in screen/web-scraping or blog mining projects on sites such as Unilever’s Campaign for Real Beauty/Pro-Age and on WebFlyer/ It also touches on the application of text mining on larger volumes of open ends in surveys such as on Starwood Hotels guest satisfaction surveys.

Of course we’ve been applying text analytics in several other areas not discussed in the article, such as: call center logs, emails, online qualitative discussion boards etc. However, I’m very excited to see the topic of text analytics is being treated in a magazine with as wide appeal as Advertising Age. Many readers will probably be exposed to the techniques for the first time.

I also must say that they did a truly excellent job making a rather difficult subject matter easily understandable to a broader audience. Great Job AdAge!

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