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Insights Association NEXT conference Association NEXT conference

Insights Association‘s NEXT Conference Update & Discount Code

The Tri-State Area has always been a hub for Market and Ad Research, and so in a way its odd there aren’t more conference and networking opportunities here. Why travel to Orlando or Vegas when NYC is where the action really is. That’s why I was excited last year when Insights Association launched their NEXT event April 30-May 1, right here in Manhattan.  Last years event was very well received and I understand attendance this year is expected to be even higher.

I asked Art Flanagan of the Insights Association for a quick update on this year’s event. Here are just a few items to look forward to (as well as a discount code for NGMR members at the bottom):

Additional Keynote Speakers, Sessions Announced for NEXT 2018 – April 30 – May 1 in New York

  • The author of “Liespotting” and the presenter of a TED Talk viewed 17 million times, Pamela Meyer brings us new research on deception and fraud. In this time of distrust in seemingly all organizations, she will advise market researchers and brands on how they can garner loyalty.
  • Steve Koenig, head market researcher and trend spotter for the Consumer Technology Association (host of the world-renowned CES), will provide a glimpse of the future of consumer tech and the trends that will most impact insights generation.
  • Connecting with consumers, clients, colleagues and friends on a truly human level has become more difficult in this tech-obsessed world. Awareness of the “Mindful Technology” movement is essential for brands and those advising them on consumer interaction. Attendees will have the chance to learn from one of the pioneers: author and strategist Liza Kindred.
  • Newly arranged are expert panels to discuss the future of IoT/Virtual Assistants, Behavioral Sciences, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, and DIY – where corporate researchers at Pepsi, Weight Watchers, Storck US and elsewhere describe when and how they utilize these solutions.
  • The latest addition to the program is Alex Mashinsky, who will present, “Blockchain Technology – Its Future Impact on Market Research & Data Analytics”, a valuable assessment of the future of financial transactions and data security we all need to understand.

Joined by John Colias of Decision Analyst, and Andrew Konya from remesh, I’ll be speaking in the Artificial Intelligence session above, sharing how we are applying AI at OdinText to help solve problems in one of the most interesting and challenging intersections of AI and Market Research (data and text mining/NLP).  I’ll probably share another post on this topics as we get closer to the event.

Feel free to use discount code “NGMR” if you plan to attend (save $150). I look forward to seeing you there!




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